Calm Waters

Calm waters (low res).jpeg
2015-09-01 13.44.25-1.jpg
Calm waters (low res).jpeg
2015-09-01 13.44.25-1.jpg

Calm Waters

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Original painting is acrylic on canvas. Original is 30"x24".

  • Please note that the standard sizes have slight cropping from the edges of the original image. 
  • All giclee reproduction prints are printed on fine matte, acid-free paper by a local gallery here in town. 
  • Please note that each giclee has a half inch border around the edge of the image for signature and framing, which is recommended. 
  • All orders will be processed within 5-7 days. Shipping price may vary with size and destination. 
  • **PLEASE NOTE** All prints 18x24" or larger are printed to order. Please leave 10-12 days for shipping of these larger prints.

Sizing and Pricing:
8x10"- $22
11x14"- $42
16x20"- $80
18x24"- $125
24x30"- $210