30A Collection | Sept 7, 2018

The 2018 30A Collection will launch promptly at 10am EST on Friday, Sept 7th. 


Hey hey!! It's been a little while since I've updated this blog. Recently, I have been working my booty off to bring you all some stunning beach inspired artwork. Specifically, the work will be inspired by Florida's gulf coast. I call this series my "30A Collection". As I mentioned in my 2017 blog post about 30A, I am silly to assume that everyone would just "know" what I mean when I talk about 30A. It's just that, down South, everybody knows what 30A is!! It is our best beach vacation destination, and most everyone I know has grown up going there! 

30A is a 24 mile long state road in South Walton, FL off of Highway 98. It is the "scenic route" where different unique beach communities lie, celebrating small town beach living. Its become an international brand through distributing free bumper stickers (over 1,200,000, to be exact), and has its own website listed here https://30a.com. I have grown up traveling to the various beaches there for spring breaks with friends and family. It is the ultimate destination for most of us southerners during the Spring and Summer (..okay and Fall and Winter too). White sandy beaches, pure turquoise water, and bright sunny skies make for the ideal beach weather.

Beach town charm lines the streets of the different towns along 30A, one of my favorite towns being Seaside! I had the privilege to travel to Seaside twice earlier this year, and I’m not kidding when I say I took over 1,000 photos of the water.. Haha! I took photos at all different times of the day- morning, sunny daytime, afternoon overcast before a storm rolled in, and cloudy sunset. I'm excited to share these paintings based on my experiences there with you all. 


What to expect...

34-35 original paintings

(3) 6x6" paintings @ $165 each
(3) 5x7" paintings @ $165 each
(3) 8x10" paintings @ $240 each
(2) 11x14" paintings @ $370 each
(2-3) 12x12" paintings @ $370 each
(2) 16x20" paintings @ $550 each
(2) 20x20" paintings @ $580 each
(2) 24x24" paintings @ $740 each
(3) 24x30" paintings @ $900 each
(2) 18x36" paintings @ $900 each
(3) 24x36" paintings @ $1050 each
(2) 30x30" paintings @ $1200 each
(2) 24x48" paintings @ $1300 each
(1) 36x36" paintings @ $1400
(1) 30x48" painting @ $1550
(1) 36x48" painting @ $1775

To give you a hint, I ALWAYS post the paintings right at 10am eastern time in the exact order that I posted above (smallest to largest). If you have a specific size in mind, you can now orient your mind around whereabouts it will land on my site when the collection launches! 

photo by Morgan Beatton

photo by Morgan Beatton

Please know that I do everything I can to ensure that the release system is as "first come first serve" and as "fair and square" as possible. I will update my social media postings with photos of all of the paintings in the upcoming days! Thank you all so much for the support, I'll see you on the 7th! :) 



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