30A Series | Aug 11, 2017

30A Series Coming August 11


Friends!! I am so excited to be doing a fresh new series. It is one that I feel perfectly suits this summer season, so it's been really inspiring and easy to work on. I am playing with colors that I've never used before- warms and cools are bouncing off the canvas in ways that are really exciting!! Textures are introducing themselves to me in new ways that I never thought possible, and I'm loving every minute. I can't wait to show you the completed 30A series.

what is 30A, you ask?

GOOD QUESTION!! I am silly to assume that everyone would just "know" what I mean when I say "#30ASERIES" on all of my instagram posts. 30A is a 24 mile long state road in South Walton, FL off of Highway 98. It is the "scenic route" where different unique beach communities lie, celebrating small town beach living. Its become an international brand through distributing free bumper stickers (over 1,200,000, to be exact), and has its own website listed here https://30a.com. I have grown up traveling to the various beaches there for spring breaks with friends and family. It is the ultimate destination for most of us southerners during the Spring and Summer (..okay and Fall and Winter too). White sandy beaches, pure turquoise water, and bright sunny skies make for the ideal beach weather.

Beach town charm lines the streets of the different towns along 30A, one of my favorite towns being Seaside! I had the privilege to travel to Seaside earlier in May this year, and I’m not kidding when I say I took over 1,000 photos of the water.. Haha! I took photos at all different times of the day- morning, sunny daytime, afternoon overcast, and breezy sunset. It was so fun. Whenever I’d walk away, I never felt like I had enough photos to suffice for the beauty!

Here are a few snapshots of the pieces I've been working on in the studio- in progress!

I will be making a good amount of paintings for this series, and for that reason I will be releasing (on my website shop)  August 11th, giving myself plenty of time to work on the pieces in the detail and giving them the time they will demand. Here are a few sizes I am planning on offering- 

6x6"s, 8x8"s, 8x10"s, 11x14"s, 24x24"s, 24x30"s, 30x30"s, 24x36"s, and 36x36"s..maybe more? 

To keep up with the series, please follow my instagram page at @brynnwcasey.art for the latest photos and updates! Email me at hello@brynnwcasey.com with any questions :)