DRIFTWOOD | May 25, 2016

Sand,   8"x8", acrylic on cradled birch wood panel

Sand, 8"x8", acrylic on cradled birch wood panel

to begin..

Ever since I was younger, I have loved things that have been weathered. From weathered wood, furniture, to people, I love things that have been through something. In other words, I like when things have a story. I was walking along the beach of Sullivan's Island with my uncle as I discovered the most amazing, mysterious, and strange wooden structures that had been washed ashore and had seemingly been there for years. We examined the structures and saw barnacles all over, small crabs crawling through, and the waves crashing over them. The colors of the rusting metal, softened wood, and frayed rope were all so unreal to me. I knew I had to run back to the beach house and grab my newly acquired camera I had saved up for (I was pretty young..remember?). I proceeded to take 100's of photos. All of these paintings are based from those photos (shown below). 

All that being said, I have really enjoyed the exploration of color and texture in this project. Though not my usual "water" work I have been doing, it's been such a fun way to use different colors that I usually wouldn't use.

The (12) paintings will be live in the Original Painting shop on Wednesday, May 25th at 12pm EST

small works on wood panel

I thought that there was no better way to paint this series than to work (mostly) on cradled birch wood panels. I prepared them with a clear gesso and then painted each painting of the wood on the wood... was kind of ironic :) Two of the larger paintings were done on canvas (the 24"x24" and 24"x36").

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LEFT TO RIGHT- 8x8" Sand   |  Sand install view   |   11x14" Yellow Drift   |   Yellow Drift install view   |   10x10Restoration   |   Restoration install view   |  12x12Natural Grain |   Natural Grain install view   |   8x8" Nail   |  Nail install view   |    12x12Violet Grain   |  Violet Grain install view   |  12x12" Orange Grain   |  Orange Grain install view

medium works

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LEFT TO RIGHT- 24x24" Divide, *on canvas*   |  Divide install view   |   16x16" Beauty In The Ashes    |   Beauty In The Ashes install view   |   16x16" Our Perfect Imperfections   |  Our Perfect Imperfections install view   |  18"x24The Weathered Planks  |   The Weathered Planks view

(a 24"h x 36"w on canvas will also be joining the bunch, but is not photographed yet!)