Light + Fresh | New spring series!

As I settle in after this past month of life change, (I got married a little over 3 weeks ago!) I am finally getting back into the swing of things. In the studio, I've been chugging away on some commission work and becoming inspired by the daily sounds I hear outside my window. Dozens of birds chirping, the train rolling by every now and then, the smell of the laundry drying... it's so peaceful and slow living outside the city! I can't wait to get started on my new spring series I have decided to title "Light + Fresh"! As I refer back to my indigo series, there are a lot of BOLD blues and colors that I feel evoke loudness, and energy. Well.. that makes sense due to the time of my life that those artworks were made! (Planning a wedding all on my own at full speed while building my own business as well as physically building out my new studio... a lot of moving parts!) Now that I'm settled into this new (much more quiet) season of my life, I can't wait to share with you a series of subtle, peaceful, and hopeful artworks that hopefully will drift you away into YOUR mental beach oasis! Color wise, there will be a lot to choose from and look at. & who knows, maybe a some driftwood pieces will make their way into this series as a precursor to an upcoming driftwood series launch in the summer (hint hint!) 

Pause  36x36" acrylic on canvas

Pause 36x36" acrylic on canvas

This above piece is a recent painting I did for a friend. It's a painting I feel that evokes the same emotion I am striving for in this new series- peace, quiet, and subtle beauty. The calming light blues and different grey tones sink into the whites as it drifts into the distance..I get lost in this 36"x36" acrylic painting! I can't wait to share more with you. 



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