INDIGO SERIES | Feb 10, 2016

PHEW! We made it here! 2 days until launch and I am still alive to tell the tale. As I have been preparing for this launch, I also moved studios, and now am working out of a space that is bigger and better than ever before. Due to this expansion, my productivity has sky rocketed and I am able to say that I will be releasing 30 paintings this Wednesday, 2/10, at 12:00pm EST! (a slight change since my LAST blog post where I was budgeting for only making around 15 paintings!) I am so excited about this series and I hope that you find connection with it as well. 

The FINAL dimensions I am offering are as follows- one 7"x8" sketch on paper, one 16"x16" sketch on paper, three 6"x6" paintings on canvas, two 8"x8" paintings on canvas, one 8"x10" painting on canvas, one 8"x10" painting on plywood, two 10"x10" paintings on canvas, one 12"x12" painting on canvas, one 14"x11" painting on canvas, one 12"x16" painting on canvas, one 14"x18" painting on canvas, one 16"x20" painting on canvas, two 18"x24" paintings on canvas, one 24"x24" painting on canvas, one 20"x20" painting on canvas, two 18"x36" paintings on canvas, one 24"x30" painting on canvas, two 30"x30" paintings on canvas, one 24"x48" painting on canvas, one 30"x40" painting on canvas, one 36"x36" painting on canvas, and one 48"x36" painting on canvas

Here are a few photos of some of the works listed above so you can get acclimated with what to expect with the launch on 2/10! 

48"x36" Indigo Rush                36"x36" Dance With Me 3                   12"x16" ZigZag                     18"x36" Cold Waters 2

8"x8" Small Surf 3                      24"x30" Indigo Rush 2                      14"x11" Awake                        30"x30" Dance With Me 2

24"x48" Sunny Side Up                  40"x30" Ripple Effect                      10"x8" Rock It                         16"x16" Indigo Sketch 2

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