DIVE IN | New Series launching Feb 10th!

Indigo Daydream 11"x14", detail

As we dive into a new year, I've been racking my brain deciding on which painting series I should go with next. I have finally landed on an Indigo Series that will be launching February 10th! This series will have a lot of..well you guessed it.. indigo tones! There will be quite a few paintings with different "moods" if you catch my drift. Some will be calmer, some more stormy. Maybe it will depend how I am feeling that day as I approach my wedding date in early March (haha)! There will be a multitude of sizes offered, some teeny babies, and some as large as 24"x48", 30"x40", and 36"x36". I am really looking forward to see what this light-hearted series holds for us. Keep an eye out on my instagram (@brynnweiermiller) for updates on paintings within this series as well as keeping up with this blog, where I will be posting photos of some of the paintings before the series release date. 

I chose to title this post "DIVE IN" because not only are we at the start of a new year, but I have a feeling that these paintings are going to have a very lighthearted, inviting, and cheerful undertone. I am imagining them to beg the viewer to "dive in" to not only enjoy the painting, but hopefully to consider diving deeper into life and living it to its fullest potential this year. I'd like to explore that theme a little more this month as I work on this Indigo Series. Really starting my year letting go of 2015's worries, 2015's insecurities, and 2015's shortcomings. Sounds kinda scary huh? Maybe it would be if I did it alone.. but good news is we aren't alone. Jesus's hand is stretched out to grab ours if we'd just give up control. He won't let go. He isn't the "breaking promises" type of guy. I'm going to release some of my control this next month and a half, would you join me? 


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